Community Outreach

Partnering Organizations

Cathedral provides financial assistance and volunteers to the following area organizations. These organizations provide services to members of our community including Cathedral parishioners. When you are considering how to use your time, talent, and resources, please keep these organizations in mind.


CARITAS helps to break the cycle of lessness, addiction in Metro Richmond area so that people can lead stable lives. We are the largest provideer of less services in the area, we are innovative because our four programs fill the gaps in this system. CARITAS helps the most vulnerable among us, which makes for a stronger community. We strive to make a long lasting impact not merely bandaids.

Shelter: 804-358-0964

Furniture Bank: 804-343-7277

Commonwealth Catholic Charities

CCC helps the most vulnerable individuals, families in central, southwestern Virginia. We provide support in crisis as well as services to strengthen families, nurture children.

Please call Commonwealth Catholic Charities anytime between 8:30 a.m., 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. We have multiple locations to help you find the right fit at CCC., you can always send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!

Email us

Richmond ( Office):

1601 Rolling Hills Drive 804-285-5900

TTY: 804-285-1630

Homeless Point of Entry:

809 Oliver Hill Way 804-648-4177

Circle Center Adult Day Services

Founded in 1976 by Cathedral, four other Richmond Fan District churches, serves our frail, older adults from all over the greater Richmond area, provides the respite, support to their family caregivers who need to continue working, or get a break from 24/7 care giving. The Center, offers the only Montessori-based program for dementia care in the region. The facility has dedicated space for a new Wellness Program providing strength, flexibility, balance training, chair yoga, Wii activities, space for skilled, Medicare-reimbursed occupational, physical, speech therapy provided on-site by a care agency. The Center provides breakfast, lunch, two snacks, a full day of interesting activities, on-site nursing care, help with personal care needs, including bathing, social work services, educational, support groups for the older adults, for their family caregivers, transportation, rehabilitation coordination.

Those wanting more information about care for an elderly relative should email:

Jay Burkhardt or call 804-355-5717.

Individuals wanting information about adult day services, ways to become involved at Circle Center, or ways to make a gift to the Center, please call us at 804 355 5717 or email us at

Volunteers of any age are always welcome. Visit us online at:

Daily Planet

The Daily Planet provides accessible, comprehensive, integrated quality health services to those at risk of or experiencing lessness. Cathedral of the Sacred Heart partners with Daily Planet by providing meals once a month for the Medical Respite program. Medical Respite is a 20-bed facility designed to provide convalescent care upon hospital discharge for up to 30 days for adults who do not have appropriate living arrangements to support recuperation. It provides 24-hour staff supervision with the ultimate goal of establishing a medical, attaining stable housing.

Contact: Will Beebe

The Virginia Home

The Virginia Home is a private, nonprofit 130-bed facility providing nursing, therapeutic, residential care to adult Virginians with irreversible physical disabilities. The home exists to provide compassionate, professional care, to ensure that the lifelong comfort, security of these individuals will never be compromised, regardless of ability to pay.