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Pastoral Council

About Us
The Cathedral Pastoral Council serves as the consultative body for the Parish and provides counsel to the rector and lay administration; to help envision, establish, plan, and monitor the mission and activities of the Cathedral Parish. Members of the Council include the Rector, Vice-Rector, Deacon(s), Parish Business Administrator, nine persons elected by the parish, any persons appointed by the Rector, the immediate past chairperson of the Council, and a representative of each of the parish’s standing committees.

Vision Statement
We, the Cathedral community of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond, express our shared life in the ministries of liturgical celebration, faith formation and service.

Our mission is rooted in the mission of Jesus Christ to the world and in our uniqueness as a Parish, specifically the diversity of our membership, our relationship to our urban neighborhood, including Stuart Circle Parish and Virginia Commonwealth University, our history, and our special role as the Cathedral parish of our diocese.

We wish to actualize our potential in the service of God’s kingdom, by providing visible examples of cooperation, healing, presence and trust. The Council is responsible for (i) encouraging collaborative parish activity and (ii) calling and enabling all members of the parish to discover, develop, and offer their gifts in service to the wider community.

2018/2019 Pastoral Council Members

  • Father Anthony Marques
  • Deacon Michael DeNoia
  • Deacon Chris Malone
  • Deacon Mark Matte
  • Deacon Charles Williams
  • Martin Ahlijah
  • Tommy Joe Bednar
  • Gigi Curtin
  • Catherine Fratter
  • Emily Fritz
  • Millie Green
  • Gene Ledlie
  • Robin Mundle
  • Allison Powell

Get Involved
Any confirmed Catholic who is a registered and active member of the parish is eligible to serve on Council. Term of office is typically three years and elections for Council are held in May of each year. All parishioners are welcome to attend Pastoral Council meetings.If you’re interested in getting involved, please contact our ministry chair.

Jenna Nguyen 540-578-4182

Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes

Can’t make the meeting? Download the most recent monthly minutes below.

May 2019 Meeting

The minutes from past Pastoral Council Meetings can be accessed in our archives, linked below:

Pastoral Council Minutes Archive