Social Concerns

Haiti Committee

Haiti Committee Mission Statement
The Cathedral of the Sacred Heart/St. Bridget Haiti Committee partners with our brothers and sisters in Carissade, Haiti to improve their community’s spiritual, educational, and nutritional development to help all of us more fully reach our potential in Christ, and ultimately for Carissade to achieve economic sustainability.

To achieve this mission we work together to promote the following opportunities:

  • worship
  • education and nutrition
  • healthcare availability
  • economic development
  • sharing the love of Jesus in word and deed

Sponsor a Haitian Child

500 Students need your help in our Twin Parish in Carissade, Haiti.

Your donation of $150 annually will provide food, books, school supplies, and health services for a student at Carissade.

How to Sponsor

Please give prayerful consideration to providing help to our twin parish. If you wish to sponsor a child, please visit our donate page: 

About Us

The Haiti Committee of the Cathedral and St. Bridget parishes oversees our twinning relationship with the Catholic Community of Carissade in Haiti (a mission chapel of Sacred Heart Parish, Hinche).

We have helped the people of Carissade build a church, a school, a corn mill, two wells and a cafeteria.

We fund a school lunch program for 500 children who might otherwise go hungry and we pay the salaries for ten teachers and a principal at the school. In 2009, we opened a health clinic at the school and we provide financial support for medical supplies and the nurse who operates the clinic five days a week. We are now presently overseeing a goat project.

We fund a scholarship program for students to advance to a secondary education at St. Martin’s in Hinche.

In the years ahead, with your prayers and support, we will continue to collaborate with the community on sustainable economic development projects.

If you’re interested in getting involved, join us on Facebook: Haiti Committee or contact

Dale Fickett

Social Justice Ministry

Purpose:  The primary role of the parish social justice ministry is to integrate Catholic Social Teaching throughout parish life and engage parishioners practicing it. 

Objectives: To represent components of Catholic Social Teaching and address social justice needs through:  Prayer and Worship , Education and Formation, Family, Work, Citizenship, Outreach and Charity, Legislative Advocacy, Community Organizing, and Global Solidarity Parishes.


1. Coordinating social ministry activities to ensure a smooth, well functioning operation. 

2. Providing oversight of the integration of the parish social ministry effort into the overall life of the parish. 

3. Providing oversight (and coordination) of the planning for the different social ministry activities. 

4. Developing an effective and comprehensive system of communication with special emphasis on communication with the pastor and parish council. 

5. Identifying emerging parish and community social ministry needs and potential leaders. 

6. Providing social ministry skills training opportunities for parishioners. 

7. Maintaining communication with diocesan offices that can deliver professional skills training and support for social ministry leaders. 

8. Emphasizing the seven touchstones described in Communities of Salt & Light. 

Time commitment: 1-hour monthly meetings and approximately 2 hours per month attending scheduled Cathedral social justice service events.

Committee Chair:  This person will coordinate meetings and activities as needed to fulfill responsibilities and keep the Pastoral Council apprised.

Collaboration: The Social Justice Committee will work in conjunction with the Pastoral Council, Cathedral staff,  other ministries, parishioners and community leaders. It will be an advisory group to the Rector. Its goal is to promote involvement of Catholic Social Teaching concerns to the Parish.

Grants: The Cathedral of the Sacred Heart welcomes applications for small grants that support and promote human well-being.  The ideal application shall provide opportunities for Cathedral parishioners to volunteer to enhance and supplement the grant. Click here to download and fill out a grant application.

Contact: Deacon Chris Malone