Help with Mass

“Then he will show you a large upper room furnished and ready.
Make the preparations for us there.”
—Mark 14:15


The Mass, beginning with the Last Supper, makes present the death and resurrection of Christ. Various forms of service assist the community in offering this sacrifice of Christ and the Church:

  • Sacristans arrange the liturgical books and sacred vessels.

  • Floral designers arrange flowers in decorative displays in the church.

  • Ushers welcome people to the Cathedral and guide the assembly during the celebration.

  • Livestreaming volunteers transmit the Mass to those unable to attend.

  • Altar servers assist the priest and deacon.

  • Lectors proclaim the written word of God in the Scriptures.

  • Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion help distribute the Eucharist.

Scheduling for all liturgical ministries is conveniently done through an online system.




For more information, contact Fr. Tony Marques, rector ([email protected]).